Hand Illuminated Alphabets

Hand Illuminated Letters are the perfect gifts. English and Hebrew are made on genuine animal skin parchment, using hand ground paints, and the Hebrew has 22k gold leaf. Larger, custom full page illuminations are available upon special request.

Hand Illuminated Letters in other decorative motifs (such as Italian White Vine) and other language systems (such as the Sanskrit Alphabet) are available as special orders.

About Gorst Illuminated Letters

The Gorst Studio illuminated letters are made using a hybrid of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions. The English letters are 12th cent. Spanish Divided Versals with Mudejar pen work, a decorative motif first used in Islamic and Jewish manuscripts. The blue is indigo with red vermilion. The Hebrew letterforms are Italian 14th cent. Versals while the decorative pen work is Turkish in origin. The blue is woad, a color used in the British Isles since the time of the Roman historian Pliny the Elder.


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