The speed of a line- I learned about the speed of the line during one of my first critiques classes at NCSA. It amazed me that it was possible to tell whether a drawn line was made quickly or slowly or with a combination of speeds.

Often calligraphers are challenged to write multiple calligraphic hands on one paper. Sometimes the challenge is to get large cracked letters. A rough paper that causes skips and cracked edges of letters with a larger broad edged pen will most likely not work for a pointed pen of any size. That is when knowing paper making history and Islamic techniques comes in handy.

On Memorial Day. We remember.

Welcome back to the main stream black letter! Black letter's millennia-long history has taken a convoluted path. Its humble beginnings were as a child of carolingian, the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne's manuscript calligraphy. Carolingian was called lettera antiqua in admiration, by renaissance scholars. They called black letter Gothic, a slur meaning it was from the woods.


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