One Love Tiny Calligraphy

Often calligraphers are challenged to write multiple calligraphic hands on one paper. Sometimes the challenge is to get large cracked letters. A rough paper that causes skips and cracked edges of letters with a larger broad edged pen will most likely not work for a pointed pen of any size. That is when knowing paper making history and Islamic techniques comes in handy.

Pointed pens need a relatively smooth and hard surface to write on. If the paper is soft or lumpy, then the pen will not work well. This is especially true for ultra tiny copperplate. Early renaissance papers were dipped in animal hide glue, dried and then hand burnished to a smoother, harder surface. This made working on paper more like working on parchment. After burnishing paper, the writing can be literally half the size of the smallest letter possible on the unburnished paper. Arabic writing requires an ultra smooth paper. The last step in making Ahar paper is burnishing.

Taking a hint from these ancient techniques, once "One Love" was written, I burnished the inside of the "O" to prepare it for tiny pointed pen script. The writing is less than 1/64th of an inch body height. Each line of script writing gets progressively smaller..... Yes, it is all in the tiny details.